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Trinity River
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Updated - 1/23/23


Current River Conditions: Flows are running at around 300 CFS at Lewiston but off color though clearing.  Scroll down below for a link to up to the minute flows.  

Fishing-Fair to Good The river between Douglas City and Livingston has begun to clear and the fishing is improving.  With clear weather predicted for the next week fishing can only get better.   There are still quite a few fish plus move moving  in  so expect some great fishing then soon.   Check the tailouts in the morning and fish the holding water during the day. "Best flies for nymphing setups are Black Rubbelegs and a Red Copper John, or a Psycho Prince in your favorite color. Thrown on an egg pattern when you do see salmon. If you are swinging, the Copper Beaded Assassin, Green Butt Silver Hilton, or your favorite swinging pattern are all winners."

Recommended General All Around Patterns

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For flies,  Black Rubber Legs, Mercer's Epoxy Stone or Vinci's Depth Charge Bird's Nest #12 should attract some attention on warmer days.  Having an egg pattern as a part of a two fly rig can't be a bad idea, either.


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Trinity River

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About the Trinity River


For many serious California Steelhead fishermen, the upper Trinity is the go to destination in the fall of each year.  The Trinity is a magnet or I should say a Camelot that draws fly fishermen from year to year for it’s consistent Steelhead fishing.  What are called summer Steelhead arrive in the summer and hold over to spawn in the early spring.  Larger winter Steelhead arrive around Christmas and Salmon arrive in the fall.  


Flows are controlled in such a way that the river very accessible for most of the year (flow fluctuations can be erratic at times and have an negative effect on anadromous fish). Being that the Trinity originates in what would be considered the southern edge of the Pacific Northwest, it benefits from a watershed that is enriched by a level of precipitation not found in watersheds to the south, which means that summer flows are adequate enough to support summer runs of Salmon and Steelhead. 


The 25 mi upper section between Lewiston Dam down to Junction City, offers the best year round fishing on the Trinity.  Below the Old Lewiston Bridge, there are several access points off of Rush Creek Rd that runs on the north side of the river. There is also access off of Cemetary Rd which intersects with Rush Creek Rd.  The next productive section is accessed from the Trinity River Resort & RV Park which is a few miles downstream. 


Most of the boat launch areas are unimproved so a vehicle with 4 wheel drive is recommended.  The launch areas are located at the Old Lewiston Bridge (N side off of Trinity Dam Rd), Rush Creek (where Rush Creek Rd turns north away from the river,  Buck Tail bridge (S side) and Steel Bridge.  The float between Old Lewiston Bridge and Buck Tail is considered a one day float. 


The first mile and a half between Lewiston Dam (the first 250 ft below the dam is closed to fishing) to the Old Lewiston Bridge is what some would call a holy water and is one of only two waters in California that is deemed fly fishing only.  It’s uniqueness is that it is the furthest upstream that migrating fish can go so there are times of the year that a fisherman will have a choice between local Rainbows and Browns, sea run Browns, Steelhead and Salmon. The special regulations stretch is the go to section during the summer. 

Hatch Chart

Hatch Chart


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