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Updated - 4/27/23

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Conditions: a little off color

Fishing Report-Very Good: Miles at Trout Creek Outfitters in Truckee reports "As we reach the height of the spawn at Pyramid Lake, expect to see a lot of fish, but only catch a few. This time can not only be frustrating for the angler, but we can’t feel like the fish aren’t too happy about being targeted at this time either."

Our recommendation would be to give this fishery a break over the next few weeks and give it a go again when they are post-spawn towards the end of May. We should see a good late season bite through the end of May and into June given this extended winter, so if you are still looking to fish out here you will still have plenty of time. It’s also a great time to get some camping in with fair fishing as well  

The strip bite has also been good throughout the day, and if looking to throw your sinking line, look for long, gradual drop-offs with a sandy bottom free of tufa rock or any other obstructions. North Nets, Windless and Warrior Point are all great places to start for this method. Bringing a ladder will also be important to open up more access to these beaches and allow you to stay warmer, cast further and catch more fish. Fly selection is often much more straightforward with this method and often black Woolly Buggers, paired with white beetles will often out-fish the rest, but you can certainly mix it up and try some larger streamers, especially early mornings, or on days with large swells. Fishing a lone beetle or booby off of a 4-5 foot leader will also be very effective and can tangle less, avoiding frustration and keeping you fishing more, because the most important part about this lake is keeping your flies in the water and in front of fish.
If you like fishing leeches under the indo (like we do!), try anywhere north of
windless or south of wino. Yes, the leech bite is still very much happening, and we’ve had some great days with them, especially if there’s some decent chop on the lake, which has been the case with these stormy days as of late. In terms of the finer points of fly selections, there’s a few basic rules of thumb that can help you determine what fly to fish. If there are good swells happening and you’re looking to indicator fish, we recommend heavier and larger flies to keep your flies in the zone and increase visibility.

If you’re fishing streamers during this time, try using darker colors such as black, purple. If it’s calm, and sunny, downsize your flies and use lighter colors with less weight to increase movement, this goes for everything, midges, leeches and streamers."

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