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Updated - 1/20/23

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Fishing Report-Very Good: Miles at Trout Creek Outfitters in Truckee reports "Pyramid has really kicked into gear over the last few weeks, and a big part of this is due to the continued low-pressure systems in the area. The bite for both techniques has been pretty even, with the strip bite and indicator bite both having their days and even their best hours when they produce over the other. Having both set ups at your disposal is highly encouraged."


"When setting up your sinking line, using the standard bugger & beetle combo is hard to beat, and having contrasting colors such as black buggers and white beetles is definitely a classic for a reason. For the bobber game, the balanced leeches and midges have been catching at a near 50/50 percentage, we’ve found that color selection for this method of presentation can be more important and having a good assortment of colors to choose from will help you find fish more regularly. For balanced leeches, having flies in shades of black, olive and white are must haves and for midges, using reds, blacks, and browns in sizes 6-10 have been top producers so far this winter"

This week, the southern beaches from Popcorn up to Sandhole have been consistently muddy due to the heavy inflow of water coming down from the Truckee, and this will likely slow the fishing down around here. We recommend focusing on the beaches from Pelican north to avoid this as week expect this to continue for a while longer. The bite has been pretty consistent most of the day, so keep your flies in the water and switch up presentations, depth, colors and beaches until you find consistent fishing."

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