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Cameron Park Lake - Updated 3/13/23
One of our customers reported this week that the lake is very full but muddy.  He mentioned that for the time being you have to park on the road nad then walk in.  


Lake Berryessa 4/5/22

Clarity: 15ft Vis

Temps: 70

Report: We have reliable reports that fishing for Largemouth, Smallmouth and Spotted bass has been very good the last couple of weeks.  Missing; have been the Crappie.  The best set up has been suspending Balance Minnows under a bobber near drop offs and steep rocky banks.  They recommended that if you are throwing streamers into a bait ball keep stripping right up to the boat as lots of grabs are coming at the last minute.  Guide Patrick McKenzie says that Berryessa should be fishing awesome in May

Lake Sonoma (Reported by Capt Patrick Mackenzie) Updated 9/28

Clarity: 7-8ft vis 


Report: Good; No new report 

Lake Mendocino (Reported by Capt.  Patrick Mackenzie) Updated 9/28

No new report 


Clearlake - Updated 3/13/23

The lake is completely full for the first time in several years.  As soon as the water warms up, which should be in  a few weeks, fishing for Largemouth and Crappie should be awesome.  Call Lee’s Bait & Tackle in Lakeport (707)900-5101 for up to date information.

Oroville Lake: Updated 3/13/23
Lake is full and is spilling over.  Water is pretty muddy too.

Folsom Lake: Updated 3/13/23

Lake is full but no reports yet.

New Bullards Bar - Updated 3/8/22Tom Page at the Reel Angler Fly Shop in Grass Vally reports that it was fishing well over the winter but due to all of this rain fishing has dropped off.

Englebright Reservoir- Updated 3/8/22

Camp Far West:

We have guides who fish local lakes every day no matter what the season. Give the shop a call (800)410-1222 or click here and we will set you up.


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