Updated - 5/22/20

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Coastal Foothill Lakes


Lake Berryessa (report courtesy Patrick Mackenzie)

Clarity: 10ft Vis

Temps: 64-68

Report: Bass are post spawn for the most part, Shad spawn in full swing - so Early AM is best option for feeding windows. Only a couple weeks left of good fishing!



Lake Sonoma (report courtesy Patrick Mackenzie)

Clarity: 7-8ft vis 

Temps: 65-67

Report: Largemouth & Smallmouth are eating aggressively post spawn and the Shad spawn is in full swing. Poppers, streamers & FF. 

Now is the time to get on the lake! Fishing great!!


Lake Mendocino (report courtesy Patrick Mackenzie)

Clarity: 5ft

Temps: 63

Report: Float n Fly has been productive, as well as Topwater. Get out early!! 




Sierra Foothill Lakes

Lake Oroville (report courtesy Ryan Williams)
May is a great time on the lake for top-water.  So tweaking a Stealth-Bomber around weeds and structure will get you some great action in the mornings. Later in the day strip chartreuse and white (or yellow) Clousers down deep will get violent grabs. 


Folsom Lake

New Bullards Bar

New Hogan

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