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Updated - 6/15/21


Scroll down for information about Lodging,
Maps and up to the minute stream flows.

Current River Conditions:  164 cfs 


Fishing is fair: Todd Sodaro at Creekside Lodge in Markleeville CA says that the county will  next be planting the river just before the 4th of July, The river has been planted quite a few times since the opener so you should be able to do quite well if you do a little exploreing.   Make sure to get on the water early as the fish will be more active then.   Attractor nymphs such as hare's ears, PTs and Caddis patterns are all you need here.  Worm patterns work well too.

Regulations for upstream of Hangman's Bridge (Hwy 89)

  • Last Saturday in April (4/24/21 this year) to November 15:  5 fish limit

  • November 16 to Last Saturday in April (2022): Catch and Release and barbless hooks only.

Regulations for downstream of Hangman's Bridge (Hwy 89) to CA/Nv state line

River will remain open all year with a 2 fish limit but must be over 14 inche


General Pattern Recommendations
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All of the usual attractor patterns will work.  Heavy patterns like Vinci's Depth Charge Bird's Nests in, Black, Natural and Olive  Also, Bead Head PTs, Epoxy Stones, Black Rubber Legs and Prince Nymphs, to name a few, are best in this high water.  Dragging streamers along the edges can be productive too. Flies with a red hot spot do better on these planters. For Dry Flies, Adam's Parachutes, Elk Hair Caddis and Ant Patterns will usually get grabs.

Click here https://nrm.dfg.ca.gov/FishPlants/ to see the CDFW fish planting schedule

Henan Lake: 

Alpine Lake (Hwy 4)

Planted two weeks ago

Indian Creek Reservoir

Reservoir received a trout plant last week by CDFW and there have been some good reports coming out of there.

Silver Creek

Was planted last week and is producing fish.

Markleeville Creek

Was planted  last week by CDFW

Blue Lakes (upper and lower)

Was planted by CDFW last week

We have guides who are on the Carson every day of the season. Give the shop a call (800)410-1222 or click here and we will set you up.

Generally Recommended Patterns
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Pheasant Tail #12, #14 & #16, San Juan Worm/passionate pink, Liz's Tequila Twist, Golden Stone Nymph #8,, #10, & #12, Copper John/red or copper #14, #16, Prince Nymph (various sizes), Wooly Bugger/rusty, black, Glow Bug/red.  Vinci's Depth Charge Bird's Nest.  If you see a pod of planters, try dragging a rusty Wooly Bugger with a size #18, Copper John/red tied on as a dropper through the school.  

See Hatch Chart Below

              LODGING                 Markleeville, CA
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About the East Carson River


The East Carson River is one of California’s most popular rivers for both conventional and fly fishermen.  The fact that in a normal precipitation year runoff can last into July means that you miss some early hatches of Stoneflies and Green Drakes, but the other side of the coin is that when many other waters are beginning to suffer from the effects of warm temperatures in August, the East Carson is at its prime.


The most popular section flows alongside Hwy 89 for several miles so access is easy.  Hwy 89 passes through Markleeville and after about a mile passes over the river at Hangman’s Bridge. The bridge separates the East Carson’s two very diverse fishing environments; the wild trout special regs. section downstream from the bridge to the CA/NV state line, or upstream which is one of the most heavily planted sections of water in the state of California. 


Those who opt for the more challenging catch & release water downstream from the bridge can, if the timing is right, enjoy a quality experience catching both wild and hold over trout that have washed down from the planted section above the bridge.  Access is very easy as you can park at the bridge and then walk a dirt road that parallels the river.  Many fishermen walk the 1.75 miles to a gauging station on the river and then fish back to their vehicles parked at the bridge.  If you go further you will encounter some deeper pools that hold some large wild Brown Trout.  When you fish back to the bridge, the fish will be almost all Rainbows.  The characteristic of the water is generally at low gradient, compared to above the bridge.  There are some long flats, punctuated by boulders.  There also some riffles and deep slots that are productive.  The lack of freestone water, makes the section good dry fly water early and late in the day.  


Upstream from the bridge (like the special regs. section downstream from the bridge) timing has some importance.  First of all, in a normal precipitation year, the river does not get into shape until mid July.  That being said, lots of fish are planted from just before opening day which falls on the last Saturday in April through October.  Experienced fly fishermen know that some of the best fishing can occur during high water periods as the fish tend to concentrate along the slower edges of the river making locating them somewhat easier.  Stripping a streamer along the edges can be deadly and sometimes hook the largest fish.   The highway parallels the river south of the bridge for several miles and there are many turnouts where you can park your vehicle.  Some turnouts will actually allow you to drive up to the edge of the water.  


The East Carson is one of the most dependable waters in the Sierra’s and a day with one of our guides will provide you with the opportunity to learn all of its nooks and crannies, that would otherwise take you years to learn.  Give us a call and book a day on the East Carson.